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Born in Barcelona Spain, GAMO are not just an industry-leading heavy weight of the air gun world but a true trend-setting brand that works tirelessly to bring only the most innovative products to market.

We have always understood what our customers really want: innovation, quality and performance.

Therefore, all our break barrel airguns and pellets are developed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in Barcelona, Spain which allows us to control each aspect of the manufacturing process and achieve excellence in every detail.

It always has been and will remain our priority to produce the best airguns in the world. Whilst we recognise there is always room for development, we are always looking to push the boundaries of possibility, attempting to create unique products that perform superbly and all at a reasonable price. Gamo’s Maxxim Elite Range of break barrel multi-shot guns are an industry first and great example of this!

We regularly engage with our customers and listen to their feedback enabling only the right products are timely delivered to your local gun store.

We are convinced there is no better formula to promote our relationship with our customers than the confidence that they have in us, and this has brought us a very significant, worldwide growth, and a presence in over 90 countries.

Innovation, technology, safety and quality are key factors in Gamo’s success.


Gamo is a company which is committed to the planet. In recent years, it has worked towards achieving maximum energy efficiency and has reduced energy consumption by more than 20%. This has been achieved thanks to a complete monitoring of all the facilities and an action plan to reduce and optimise consumption by eliminating all surplus, which has also made it more competitive.

Gamo has also handled the environmental aspects in the best possible way, with a very well-defined environmental policy emphasising the rational use of resources and the prevention of pollution, with a full programme of waste management. We encourage recycling, recovery and re-use, and we seek eco-efficient solutions such as the assembly of a modern industrial water treatment plant that ensures ‘zero discharge’.

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