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MULTISHOT™ 10X Quick-Shot Rapid Reload Technology

This brand new technology will revolutionize the way people shoot with break barrel air rifles. 10X Quick-Shot, the latest patent pending exclusive from Gamo, enables you to shoot up to 10 times without touching a pellet. This unique feature makes it perfect for time trial competitions as well as fast shooting fun since it is the quickest reloading system ever invented by Gamo. Simply break the barrel and pull the trigger, the shooter will enjoy lightning-quick follow-up shots. Forget about reloading, just cock the gun and focus only on the target. 10X Quick-shot technology is available only in select Gamo air rifles.


The IGT™ System

IGT™ Improve your knockdown power and accuracy! Enhance your overall
shooting experience! This technology consists of pneumatic cylinder that replaces the traditional main spring which increases velocity, reduces lock time, incurs less vibration, has a more consistent power level and requires less cocking effort that a traditional spring gun. The IGT™ is one of the latest Gamo® technologies that will increase your shooting performance!


Whisper™ Maxxim

The Whisper Maxxim technology from GAMO consists of a rifled steel barrel with an integrated sound moderator located inside the muzzle. This latest sound moderator effectively suppresses sound and reduces noise expansion.

This outstanding system is extremely efficient and lightweight owing to the design of its internal air chambers and attractive synthetic construction. The Whisper™ Technology is already recognised by shooters worldwide.

Whisper™ ND52 Technology

The Whisper™ technology from Gamo® consists of a rifled steel barrel with a flutted polymer jacket and integrated with a sound moderator in the muzzle. This sound moderator compresses noise and prevents sound expansion by up to 52% when compared to an ordinary muzzle report.

Adjustable Cheek Piece

Discover how easy and comfortable it is to hit your target when your air gun fits perfectly to you. This adjustable cheek piece allows you to have your sight perfectly aligned with the target thus improving your accuracy when shooting.

The air gun made to fit you.


CAT Trigger (Custom Action Trigger) 2 Stages Independently Adjustable

Allows the shooter to adjust the 1st and the 2nd stage of the trigger independently, modifying the travel length of it. Using two screws, the shooter can modify the travel of the first stage and the travel and weight of the second stage independently.

SAT™- Smooth Action Trigger The new clean and creep free Smooth Action Trigger


The new SAT™ is the new patent pending trigger developed by Gamo® and incorporated in many Gamo® air guns. The SAT™ is a custom made trigger designed for all disciplines of shooting and will allow you to shoot like a pro! It features a smooth trigger pull that increases the rate of accuracy and provides a responsive, clean, break when you need it most. The letters SAT™ are engraved on both sides of the trigger which has been developed in a stylish dark grey colour ensuring a state of the art appearance to your new Gamo® air gun.

Control your shot like never before.

SWA™ The Shock Wave Absorber
Increases the recoil absorption after shooting

The new recoil pad from Gamo® has been developed to help you and your shooting experience. The new recoil pad has been rigorously tested in the Gamo® laboratories in order to improve the rate of absorption (kilograms) and the recoil distance (millimetres). The result has been that SWA provides up to 74% more absorption than standard recoil pads. This is thanks to the new design and the three removable inserts that have been incorporated in the butt pad, now the shooter can adjust the recoil according to their own specific preference.

Shoot Comfortably.

SWA™ The Shock Wave Absorber
Increases the recoil absorption after shooting

Developed to subdue the taxing stresses placed on your scope from the intense recoil of air guns and high-powered rifles. The Recoil Reducing Rail uses two-piece aluminum construction separated by dual polymer struts to absorb shockwaves. Once mounted to the Recoil Reducing Rail, the recoil stresses to internal components of the scope are reduced by almost 100%.

Hunters demand:

  • Scope Reliability

  • Reduced Vibration

  • And, Dead On Accuracy

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